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Characteristics of crystal children/adults

Characteristics of crystal children/adults

Crystal children/adults are individuals endowed with special characteristics and abilities that set them apart from others. They are often considered highly sensitive, intuitive and endowed with great spiritual wisdom.

1. Increased sensitivity

Crystal children/adults are extremely sensitive to the energies and emotions of others. They can feel other people's feelings deeply and intuitively, which enables them to empathize and understand others in a profound way.

2. Spiritual connexion

Crystal children/adults often have a deep connection with the spiritual world. They may be drawn to meditation, prayer and other spiritual practices. Their intuition is often highly developed, and they may have a keen sense of inner guidance.

3. Wisdom and understanding

Crystal children/adults are often endowed with great wisdom and a deep understanding of life. They can ask questions and have knowledge beyond their years. Their perspective is often centered on love, compassion and healing.

4. Environmental sensitivity

Crystal children/adults are often sensitive to their environment. They can be very sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and crowds. They need a calm, peaceful environment to feel secure and balanced.

5. Connexion with nature

Crystal children/adults are often drawn to nature. They feel at peace and in harmony when surrounded by trees, flowers and animals. Nature helps them recharge their batteries and connect with their spiritual essence.


Crystal children/adults possess unique characteristics that set them apart from others. Their heightened sensitivity, spiritual connection, wisdom and deep understanding of life make them special individuals. It's important to recognize and support these individuals so that they can reach their full potential in life.

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