Celestial Consciousness's story

Celestial Consciousness: A fusion of clothing and spirituality

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by crystals, tarot and energies, which have guided me towards discovering my own truth and the world around me.

This fascination inspired me to create Conscience Céleste, a clothing brand that combines ethics and spirituality. My clothes are designed with deep intention, drawing on sacred symbols, crystals and cosmic energies.

I encourage my customers to adopt a conscious approach to fashion and connect with their inner spirituality. Together, we can create a world where fashion celebrates the beauty of the Universe and the human soul.

Join us at Celestial Consciousness for spiritual and conscious fashion.

Our corporate values

Our commitment in action

Stéphanie, propriétaire de Vêtement Conscience Céleste


Our spiritual approach transcends mere business reality. It manifests itself in our deep connection with our people, our customers and our environment. We aspire to nurture a spirit of community, respect and inspiration within our company. Our desire to grow and evolve together in an environment imbued with spiritual values fosters authentic commitment, unbridled creativity and a shared vision for a better future. We draw on sacred symbols, crystals, witch energies and cosmic energies.